August 11

How To Become A Day Trader Without Being Tied To Your Desk

Hop On The Daily Trend


I want to introduce you to a strategy I use for trading Forex because it’s dead simple and really effective.  It’s like Day Trading because trades last less than one day.  Once in the trade, you exit at the latest by the close of the same day.  However, rather than waiting by the screen all day to watch for trade entries, this method is automated using buy stop and sell stop orders depending on which way the daily trend is moving.

You’ll see between 30 and 40 trade opportunities per year for each FX pair.  I trade 7 of the major FX pairs so get well over 200 trades per year.  You could trade less or more depending on your preference.

Take a look at the video I have put together for you which shows you on screen exactly how to enter and exit the trades using this daily breakout strategy.


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