March 25

2 Minute Technical Analysis


Anybody who becomes interested in trading the markets cannot help but come across this thing called “Technical Analysis”  

There’s tons of literature out there on technical analysis, a quick search in Google can give you days worth of reading.

But today, I’ve made a 2 minute video simply explaining what it is, and how to use it to make yourself money:

What is Technical Analysis:

  • Price Charts essentially showing Price Action + Volume
  • From the Price Action we can find Regular Patterns
  • From Regular Patterns we can develop a trading strategy that gives us an Edge
  • An Edge gives us a higher probability of winning than losing over a period of time
  • Our Edge allows us to take trades time and time again making Consistent Profits


So if you didn’t already know what Technical Analysis was, then hopefully you have a better idea now.  I get so many people asking about how I trade and what I’ve explained above tends to be my typical answer.

If you have any questions about Technical Analysis or how I trade then I’d love to hear from you.  You can leave any comments below or email me at





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