Rule Based Trading Strategies to Purchase

The most frequent request I get from traders is for ready built TRADING STRATEGIES.

After closely working with many traders over the years I have been able to grasp a good idea of how to speed up their trading success.  

So by popular demand I have now put together a collection of pre built trading strategies available to purchase.

These strategies are 100% rule based or algorithmic.  Each strategy consists of a set of rules or conditions which get you in and out of the market and come with a proven back test report.

This is an ideal opportunity if you are struggling to find a consistent strategy of your own.  Or perhaps you have a few strategies already and want to add to your portfolio to benefit from diversification.

Check each individual strategy to see which market they work on and view a detailed report of past performance.

Each strategy comes complete with the .PLA file to immediately import into MultiCharts.  

I have also included the plain text version on the MultiCharts code too.

But don’t worry if you are not a MultiCharts user because all the strategies can also be traded manually using a regular trading account and free charting platform.

I will be adding new strategies to this collection.  So be sure to check back regularly for updates on this page.

Before purchasing and trading any of the ideas I have to offer, please be fully aware that there is absolutely no guarantee that any strategy will continue making money into the future even if it has performed very well in the past.  

I do my absolute best to provide only the most robust trading strategies but even my strategies can stop working.  So always trade completely at your own risk.


GBP / JPY Multi Day Breakout (GBPJPY027)

  • MultiCharts Code for Download
  • Works on Daily Chart GBPJPY FX
  • Max Stop Loss 300 pips
  • Trades Long and Short
  • Win Rate 84%
  • Tradable on any Platform

EUR / USD Multi Day with Optional Exit (EURUSD058)

  • MultiCharts Code for Download
  • Works on Daily Chart EURUSD FX
  • Max Stop Loss 250 pips
  • Trades Long and Short
  • Win Rate 59%
  • Tradable on any Platform


I am not a financial advisor and I am not offering you financial advice. I am not regulated in any way. The purpose of the content I provide is for educational purposes only.

The information given is an insight into my own methods of trading the financial markets. How you act on the information provided is your own responsibility.

Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

I cannot be held responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of ideas taken from my content provided.

Always trade entirely at your own risk.

Jarrod Goodwin