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In today’s video I reveal some of the best places for you to find profitable trading strategies.

Last time I showed you how my trading profits went from negative to consistently profitable by using a simple method my trading coach taught me.  If you haven’t already watched that video then I suggest you do.  There’s some great eye opening info there.  Watch it here:

What Transformed my Trading Career FOR EVER

I have shown you a mechanical trading strategy that I developed.  And I think you will agree, there’s nothing overly complicated about the implementation.  And it really works!  Most of my trading strategies and many of the best ones you can find are quite simple but robust.

Without having to go through the process of developing your own profitable mechanical strategies, can you find some already tradable? Yes.  Here’s where to find them:

1.  BOOKS – To start with I recommend checking out material by Larry Williams,  Larry Connors, and Courtney Smith.  There’s many more out there but I personally have gained a lot from each of these traders and I think you will too.

2.  WEBSITES – Google is you friend for this one.  I’ve found quite a few nice trading strategies over the years on various sites.  One of my favourites is System Trader Success I don’t know the guys running it, I just like what they do.

3. PODCASTS – There are a handful of very good podcasts and I’ve been introduced to lots of interesting traders through them.  My favourites include Better system trader, Chat with traders and Trading story podcast

And good old YOUTUBE – With new content being uploaded all the time I’m sure there are some great strategies to be had from Youtube if you look hard enough.  Youtube isn’t in my top 3 but only because I haven’t really used it for finding strategies myself.

So now you know what makes up a mechanical trading strategy and you’ve seen an example of one that I have developed.  Plus now you have a good idea of where to go find some more suitable for you to trade.

What do you once you have found one?  Here’s what I do:


You have the rules to the strategy and probably access to decent free price data.  Now you just have to back test the strategy and see what it’s performance is like.

Or you could take a short cut and just start trading it straight away.  But that’s putting way too much trust in the strategy creator and I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable doing that myself!

But hold on!  There are a few more things to consider:

What is the correct way to test a trading strategy?

Which market should you test on?

What are acceptable back test results? (it’s not just a nice looking equity curve!)

How much money should you be risking on each trade? (because it’s different for each strategy and there are optimal numbers)

Get any of the above wrong and you can turn what looks like a decent strategy into a money pit you wish you’d never started trading!

I have spent almost 3 months putting together 11 conveniently organised modules of 34 training videos in which I answer all of your questions relating to mechanical trading and how I use it.

There’s 175 minutes of content.  I’ll show you another 5 solid mechanical strategies, how to test them properly and how much money you should allocate to each.

I even give you an insight into how I develop my own strategies and some valuable foundations for you to start yours if you wish.

I have a lesson all about the common mistakes even professional traders make and how to avoid them.

Did you know that some of the best mechanical strategies can stop working at any time for various reasons?  Another lesson is all about how to spot a broken strategy before it’s too late and you’ve lost too much money.

There’s way more too.  You can see all the content including each lesson subject here:

My new trading course 

It’s a new course and I’m offering it to you as an email subscriber at a bonus discount price.  I am just finishing a webinar presentation in which I will be offering the course to traders outside of my subscribers at the normal price.  Your discount will only last until the end of July.

I hope the information that I’ve shared in the last few emails and videos is valuable enough to improve your trading no end.  But if you want to take it to the next level then what you’ll learn in the course is going to be the place to do it!

Here’s the course link:

My new trading course

If you have any questions then please ask, I’m happy to help.

Best regards,