MultiCharts User and Programming Manual

Hi, I am very close to finishing my long awaited MultiCharts user manual.  I’ve been working on this since early 2023 but I am finally going to wrap it up. 

I’ll be releasing it very soon and this manual will be focussed entirely on how to use MultiCharts software for back testing and live automated trading.  It will include a series of live webinars focussing on the different elements of MultiCharts you need to know before taking your automated trading live.

It's going to be a complete brain dump of everything I have learnt and use on a daily basis within MultiCharts since I first began using it back in 2016.

I am going to cover all the basics of getting set up, then show you how to take your trading ideas, program / code them to correctly test them, to finally being able to switch on automated trading.

However, I need your help.  Before finalising I need to make sure I have covered everything.  

That is where you come in.  

Please take a few minutes to answer this short survey.  

There’s really only one thing I want to ask you: What are your top 2 questions about using MultiCharts that I absolutely need to answer in this manual?

MultiCharts trading platform

In 2016 I started using MultiCharts. As you may already know I am fortunate enough to have been a student of World Cup Trading Championship 4 time winner Andrea Unger. MultiCharts is his trading platform of choice and I quickly jumped to the conclusion that if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for me!

I love MultiCharts! I probably only touch on the full capability of the platform but it works great.

I use MultiCharts to create studies of individual markets. I then develop trading strategies from scratch based on the market’s behaviour. Once developed and fully back tested I am then able to automate that trading strategy and let MultiCharts place the trades for me.

I always recommend my students use MultiCharts. It’s powerful and proven. Also much easier for me to work along side traders using the same software as I have a decent understanding of its workings.

More about MultiCharts:

MultiCharts trading platform is an award-winning trading software with advanced market analysis features for expert traders. 

MultiCharts enables to connect more than 30 different brokers and data vendors, providing expert trading tools that additionally feature:

Self-Adaptive strategies optimize inputs while auto-trading

– Fail-Watch predictive system warns of possible issues

– Track backtest, forward-test, and live orders in one place

– TPO chart type

– Matrix and genetic optimization for individual charts and Portfolio Trader

– Volume profile drawing tool for in-depth volume analysis

EasyLanguage friendly

– More than 300 pre-built studies

– Friendly top-notch support
Try the 30-day free trial that is fully functional just like the full version.

If you have a trading idea or strategy you would like me to help program or test then email me or Visit Here for more details

Below you can find videos I have done featuring how I use MultiCharts to create trading strategies and automate them.

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