Amazon AWS Virtual Private Server VPS

My charting, development and trading platform of choice is Multicharts. This platform runs on your Windows computer. It’s not web based.

I use Multicharts for Automated Trading. I create algorithms which allows Multicharts to monitor the markets and place trades according to my algorithms or strategies.

Because I trade markets which are open 24 hours a day, Multicharts also needs to be open and connected 24 hours too. This isn’t always practical to do on my home computer.

The solution is to use a cloud based computer or VPS. Multicharts runs on this cloud computer and doesn’t suffer with unwanted interruptions like power cuts or internet disconnections.

Since 2016 I have used a VPS hosted by Amazon and I have found them to be very reliable.

Get your own Amazon VPS by going here.

Below you can find videos in which I show you how to get a FREE VPS from Amazon to run your trading platform.

*2020 update: I have currently switched to a 2016 Windows server from Amazon. Previously was a 2012. New one is working just fine.

Here’s a video showing you how to get a FREE VPS from Amazon

My 2020 Trading setup including Multicharts, LMAX Broker and Amazon VPS