MultiCharts User and Programming Manual

Hi, I am very close to finishing my long awaited MultiCharts user manual.  I’ve been working on this since early 2023 but I am finally going to wrap it up. 

I’ll be releasing it very soon and this manual will be focussed entirely on how to use MultiCharts software for back testing and live automated trading.  It will include a series of live webinars focussing on the different elements of MultiCharts you need to know before taking your automated trading live.

It's going to be a complete brain dump of everything I have learnt and use on a daily basis within MultiCharts since I first began using it back in 2016.

I am going to cover all the basics of getting set up, then show you how to take your trading ideas, program / code them to correctly test them, to finally being able to switch on automated trading.

However, I need your help.  Before finalising I need to make sure I have covered everything.  

That is where you come in.  

Please take a few minutes to answer this short survey.  

There’s really only one thing I want to ask you: What are your top 2 questions about using MultiCharts that I absolutely need to answer in this manual?

Learn How 10 weeks Travelling TRANSFORMED my Trading Career (True Story!)




This is a personal story.  This is how I went from constantly losing money trading to consistent profits.  It’s taken me many years but it’s surprisingly simple.  And over the next few emails and videos I am going to break it down and show you what happened so you can have the same results too.

It all started with buying UK shares.  And I actually got lucky!  I Picked the right company at the right time and banked some profits.  But it was definitely luck!  I had gotten ideas and tips from magazines and friends and they had worked well.  But I wasn’t happy.  I wanted my own ideas, my own trades.

A year or so goes by and I’ve read lots of books.  I became intrigued by Technical Analysis.  I loved looking at price charts and all the indicators and oscillators.  I went through a long period of trying out different setups using these indicators largely on a discretionary basis.   But, you guessed it, nothing worked consistently.  I’d have a few good small profits only to be hit by 1 loser which wiped the profits out!  Know where I’m coming from?

But I never gave up!  Luckily, I had it drilled into me at an early stage of reading books not to risk too much of my account.  So although I lost a lot of trades, I was still in the game!

Then I took a well deserved break.  I up and left to travel across the United States of America.  Crossing about 8 states in 10 weeks.

I done lots of thinking and during the last couple of weeks (I believe I was in Texas at the exact time) I decided to write an email to a trading coach asking for help.  We agreed terms and I planned my flight back home to the UK with a fresh trading head eager to learn.

What he taught me was eye opening and exciting.  Life changing in terms of trading performance.

In the next email and video I’m going to show you in about 5 minutes what my trading coach taught me in over 5 hours over 5 months!

I’ve simplified and pulled out all the best bits to produce something which might just change your trading life too.  (I’m pretty sure it will!)

I’d love to hear what you have been doing which isn’t quite giving you the results you want yet.  What are you struggling with?  What sort of methods have you been trying?  Please leave a comment on the video.

Speak soon,