How to Test a Strategy in MINUTES! – No Coding Required

I hope you can now see the value of Mechanical Trading Strategies. And I expect you are keen to start trading and realising those profits. However, I have displayed the importance of Back Testing the strategy first.

Do you have a Strategy idea you would like to test? Would you like to work with me personally to Test and Develop your ideas?

After trading the markets for years, since 2009 I have developed and programmed literally HUNDREDS of trading strategies and I have learnt a thing or two along the way.

I am currently working with a select amount of traders who are keen to have their (or others they've seen or read about) strategies thoroughly back tested and appraised before wasting any money live trading. This involves me programming my software and producing the performance report for you.

I can then also offer suggestions and modifications to further improve the performance of your trading ideas.

If you want to get ahead and beat the markets by having your strategy programmed and tested by me then just send an email to with "Back testing" in the subject line. 

7 Massive Benefits of having me program and back test your idea include:

  • Discover how your strategy performed in the past - if it lost money, it's likely to continue losing in the future! This is avoidable
  • Save WEEKS or MONTHS of manual back testing staring at charts and spreadsheets
  • Once programmed, test on multiple markets within seconds! Diversification in trading is essential
  • Work directly with me - I program YOUR ideas to save you having to learn to code and avoid the beginner pitfalls
  • I use Multicharts - a premium trading and testing platform. Access DETAILED STRATEGY PERFORMANCE REPORTS 
  • Once tested, I will evaluate your strategy and even suggest and implement possible enhancements for increased performance
  • Once programmed, you have the ability to let the software trade YOUR strategy automatically. No need to sit at the screen all day!

Just send an email to

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