August 20

Here’s my Real Trading Setup – Multicharts / Oanda / IB + Free Forex VPS

Today’s video is in response to a request from a fellow trader and subscriber of my channel.   In a previous video I showed you all the relevant software which makes up my trading setup or infrastructure.  In today’s video I am going to actually show you on screen how that infrastructure looks.

So if you’re curious about my setup, Multicharts, or using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to host your trading platform then you’re going to enjoy this video.  By the time you’ve watched the video you will know exactly what is needed to run an automated trading setup, but more importantly, one that actually works!   

I’ll be showing you:

  • Multicharts
  • Oanda data feed (and Oanda historical data)
  • IB Gateway
  • Interactive Brokers
  • All running on a free Amazon VPS

I’ve been using Multicharts to trade automated live for years now and it’s very reliable.  Of course there are many other options of platform, data and broker but I can tell you first hand that what you see here is a fully working set up.

Another thing that’s worth me mentioning here is that all my strategy development work is done not on my trading server set up but on my laptop locally.  I have Multicharts installed which I use offline to develop using past data already saved.  I am a Mac user but Multicharts is a Windows only software.  If you’re curious about how well Multicharts runs on a Mac then I may do a future video about that too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and if you have any questions then leave a comment or email me and I’ll get back to you.



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