Stop Throwing Money at the Markets Hoping Your Strategy Works - Instead BACK TEST First!

Would you like to work with me PERSONALLY to test and develop YOUR OWN trading strategy?

After Trading the markets for over 10 years, developing and programming literally HUNDREDS of trading strategies I have learnt a thing or two.  If you have a "Rule Based" or "Mechanical" trading strategy idea which you want to thoroughly back test then we might just be able to work together... 

7 Massive Benefits of having me program and back test your idea include:

  • Discover how your strategy performed in the past - if it lost money, it's likely to continue losing in the future! This is avoidable
  • Save WEEKS or MONTHS of manual back testing staring at charts and spreadsheets
  • Once programmed, test on multiple markets within seconds!  Diversification in trading is essential
  • Work directly with me - I program YOUR ideas to save you having to learn to code and avoid the beginner pitfalls
  • I use Multicharts -  a premium trading and testing platform.  Access DETAILED STRATEGY PERFORMANCE REPORTS 
  • Once tested, I will evaluate your strategy and even suggest and implement possible enhancements for increased performance
  • Once programmed, you have the ability to let the software trade YOUR strategy automatically.  No need to sit at the screen all day!

If you want to get ahead and beat the markets by having your strategy programmed and tested and would like to work with me, here's how it works:

Send me an email to with "programming" in the subject line.

  • I generally specialise BUT NOT limited to FOREX testing and trading - Ask me.
  • Your Trading Strategy idea should have at the minimum defined Entry and Exit criteria.

Once I have a general idea of want you want then we can move forward.


  • Let me show you what makes a WINNING trading strategy.  Including examples and where to find more.. Everything is revealed in my premium course here: Road to Consistent Profits

  • Or if you want the very best, then work personally with me 1 to 1.  I do coach a very select amount of traders, transforming them from losers to Super Traders.  Find out more here:  Coaching Details