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The focus of this website is to provide traders with useful information and services including trading strategies, back testing, programming, and even personal one to one coaching to help improve their trading results as fast as possible.

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Although starting off trading stocks in 2008 my main focus is on the Forex and Futures markets these days.  I specialise in mechanical or rule based trading strategies,  also known as trading algorithms.  With the use of Multicharts, a trading and development platform I design and create trading strategies from just an idea to a fully working live trading system.

Here are some equity curves of trading strategies I have created showing the performance of over 10 years

USD/JPY Equity Curve


Multi - Day Price Action Strategy

GBP/USD Equity Curve


Intra - Day Time Based Strategy

USD/CHF Equity Curve


Multi - Day Time Based Strategy

EUR/USD Equity Curve


Multi - Day Price Action Strategy

If you would like to learn more about trading mechanical trading strategies which produce results like the above charts then you should enroll in my trading course by clicking the button below

What students say..

Thanks to Jarrod for highlighting the logic regarding mechanical trading.  

Using this method, the emotion is removed from trading. This is of huge benefit to new traders who may not, as yet, have developed the necessary discipline.  

Jarrod has a conscientious approach to imparting his knowledge and is keen to help aspiring traders develop their own strategy within the parameters he suggests.  

His unhurried and considered manner during his video lessons is one of his strengths and he puts over his thought process very well.

Thanks Jarrod!

After many years of up and down trading.  I realised that  proven mechanical systematic trading is the only way to make consistent and increasing profits.

You avoid mistakes, there's no guesswork, false hopes, endless indicators and no need to be glued to the screen.

Jarrod's course gives you a wealth of  precise information.  Everything you need and must know to become a successful mechanical trader.  With 6 proven mechanical systems - backtested over a decade - producing exceptional profits.

Best of all you can backtest them yourself and see how phenomenal they are.  And knowing you have the invaluable proof and knowledge - you can quickly and easily put it into action to help get the results you want.

Teaching Trading

From interacting with hundreds of traders over the years, even before I started this website I have realised a common problem. That is a lack of trading strategies which have a proven edge.  Which simply means by trading the same strategy time and time again you will make money in the long term.

Quite often a trader’s journey goes something like this: Open an account, place a few trades usually without any sort of a plan in place, have a few winning trades and feel good.  But then comes the inevitable losses.  There might only be one or two losses but big enough to wipe out any previous profits you made.  Now the realisation of how difficult trading can be sets in.

Those who are dedicated, determined and still in the game most often turn to books or websites like this one for help.

Why create this Website?

I started writing here more as a personal blog to document my own trading journey.  But as I started learning more and more useful skills and techniques I wanted to share them for others to use too.  I understand what it’s like to be a beginner trader with no experience.  I also understand the necessary steps which need to be taken in order to become a consistently profitable trader.  

These are steps I like to share with yo

These are steps I like to share with you!

These are steps I like to share with yo

Where to next?

If you have any trading problems or need help then have a look at my services and products above or email me directly

These are steps I like to share with yo

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These are steps I like to share with yo

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