Learn How 10 weeks Travelling TRANSFORMED my Trading Career (True Story!)


This is a personal story.  This is how I went from constantly losing money trading to consistent profits.  It’s taken me many years but it’s surprisingly simple.  And over the next few videos I am going to break it down and show you what happened so you can have the same results too.

It all started with buying UK shares.  And I actually got lucky!  I Picked the right company at the right time and banked some profits.  But it was definitely luck!  I had gotten ideas and tips from magazines and friends and they had worked well.  But I wasn’t happy.  I wanted my own ideas, my own trades.

A year or so goes by and I’ve read lots of books.  I became intrigued by Technical Analysis.  I loved looking at price charts and all the indicators and oscillators.  I went through a long period of trying out different setups using these indicators largely on a discretionary basis.   But, you guessed it, nothing worked consistently.  I’d have a few good small profits only to be hit by 1 loser which wiped the profits out!  Know where I’m coming from?

But I never gave up!  Luckily, I had it drilled into me at an early stage of reading books not to risk too much of my account.  So although I lost a lot of trades, I was still in the game!

Then I took a well deserved break.  I up and left to travel across the United States of America.  Crossing about 8 states in 10 weeks.

I done lots of thinking and during the last couple of weeks (I believe I was in Texas at the exact time) I decided to write an email to a trading coach asking for help.  We agreed terms and I planned my flight back home to the UK with a fresh trading head eager to learn.

What he taught me was eye opening and exciting.  Life changing in terms of trading performance.

In the next video I’m going to show you in about 5 minutes what my trading coach taught me in over 5 hours over 5 months!

I’ve simplified and pulled out all the best bits to produce something which might just change your trading life too.  (I’m pretty sure it will!)

I’d love to hear what you have been doing which isn’t quite giving you the results you want yet.  What are you struggling with?  What sort of methods have you been trying?  Please leave a comment on the video.


Discover What Transformed my Trading Career FOR EVER! (You can too)


Today I’m going to reveal what my Trading coach taught me over a period of about 6 months.  But don’t worry, it’s not going to take that long.  I’ve simplified things and its all here in a short video so you can make a transformation too.

In the previous video I told you the true story of how I went from constantly losing until I met my coach who spun things around to get me on the path to consistent profits.  Some of you might resonate with the struggles I was having.  If you haven’t yet watched the video then check it out first above.

You’re probably wondering how what he showed me transformed my trading.  Here’s some of the benefits which work so well and benefits you can enjoy too:

1. CONSISTENCY – I now have a real plan and solid method for each and every trade I make.  I’m not hopping around trying different methods or techniques each week.  I know what works, and I’m following that plan.

2. REDUCED STRESS / EMOTION –  With a solid plan I now know exactly when and where to enter each trade and probably more importantly, where to get out of that trade!  I know which markets to trade and how much money to risk on each trade.  All of these clear, pre defined factors lead to a much less stressful trading experience.

3. INCREASED CONFIDENCE – The methods I now trade are proven to work in the past.  This can be clearly seen from the numbers and track record.  Having the ability to see how well the method has worked in the past allows me to be confident to trade.  No more doubt or hesitation over which trades to take.

4. INCREASED PROFITS! – All of these benefits lead to the most important part which is why we all trade in the first place;  to make money!

Now you’ll have to click on the video above in which I show you the foundations and a great example of these methods I am using.

What you see in the video is just one method I have developed to trade just one market.  There are loads of markets and even more methods.  As you collect more and more methods or strategies and apply them to different markets, you can build a portfolio.  A nice portfolio collection can lead to a very nice increasing equity curve of your trading account.  Which I think you’ll agree, is one of the main goals of trading after all!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll now have the next big question in your mind:  Where do we find these methods or strategies?

I’ve spent years looking for and developing my own strategies and ideas and in the next video I’m going to show you exactly how you can find them too.

Hopefully what I’ve shown you has made sense.  Please leave comments or questions on the video.  Has it made sense?  Is this method of trading something you think can work for you?


3 FREE Best Trading Strategy Resources


In today’s video I reveal some of the best places for you to find profitable trading strategies.

Last time I showed you how my trading profits went from negative to consistently profitable by using a simple method my trading coach taught me.  If you haven’t already watched that video then I suggest you do.  There’s some great eye opening info there.  Watch the above video now.

I have shown you a mechanical trading strategy that I developed.  And I think you will agree, there’s nothing overly complicated about the implementation.  And it really works!  Most of my trading strategies and many of the best ones you can find are quite simple but robust.

Without having to go through the process of developing your own profitable mechanical strategies, can you find some already tradable? Yes.  Here’s where to find them:

1.  BOOKS – To start with I recommend checking out material by Larry Williams,  Larry Connors, and Courtney Smith.  There’s many more out there but I personally have gained a lot from each of these traders and I think you will too.

2.  WEBSITES – Google is you friend for this one.  I’ve found quite a few nice trading strategies over the years on various sites.  One of my favourites is System Trader Success I don’t know the guys running it, I just like what they do.

3. PODCASTS – There are a handful of very good podcasts and I’ve been introduced to lots of interesting traders through them.  My favourites include Better system trader, Chat with traders and Trading story podcast

And good old YOUTUBE – With new content being uploaded all the time I’m sure there are some great strategies to be had from Youtube if you look hard enough.  Youtube isn’t in my top 3 but only because I haven’t really used it for finding strategies myself.

So now you know what makes up a mechanical trading strategy and you’ve seen an example of one that I have developed.  Plus now you have a good idea of where to go find some more suitable for you to trade.

What do you once you have found one?  Here’s what I do:


You have the rules to the strategy and probably access to decent free price data.  Now you just have to back test the strategy and see what it’s performance is like.

Or you could take a short cut and just start trading it straight away.  But that’s putting way too much trust in the strategy creator and I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable doing that myself!

In Conclusion –

How You Too Can Become Consistently Profitable

If you would like to replicate my trading journey ( but shorten it considerably ) and it’s really pretty simple, then follow these steps:

  • Get a solid trading plan consisting of a Mechanical approach
  • Find ( or create your own ) profitable but also appropriate trading strategies 
  • Back Test the Strategies and make sure they really are profitable!
  • With use of correct Position Sizing trade the Strategies and enjoy the results
  • MONITOR STRATEGIES – Profitable Strategies don’t always work for ever so it’s critical to correctly monitor each one so you’re not trading a loser which drains your account

I hope this blog post and video series has been of some value to you.  The information I have shared really can change your trading career for the better.

Please share this post with anyone you think may also find it helpful.  Send the link or share on Social Media.

If you have any further questions then please comment on the videos or email me personally