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A Year of Automated Trading – My Experience
In this post I want to share my thoughts and experiences after trading 100% automated strategies throughout 2017. I share[...]
Uncovering the Hidden DANGERS of a Free (or any) Trading Strategy
One of the many wonderful features of Automated Trading/Testing software are the numbers in the performance report.  Understanding even just[...]
This Is What Can Happen To Your Trading In a Matter of Months
It's been a while.... I don't think I have ever been so focussed on my own trading as I have[...]
Trader’s Journey Into Trade Automation – Part 2 26/5/16
One Month Later...(almost)   Last month seems to have flown by.  But I have made some decent progress since writing[...]
Trader’s Journey Into Trade Automation – Part 1 28/4/16
  This week has been the start of a new journey for me and my financial trading.  This week I[...]
My Best Forex Trade 2015
I keep great trading records.  And you probably should too.  It's something Dr. Alexander Elder drummed into me from very[...]
How Learning to Trade Replaced Working 4 days a Week
From Panel Beater to Part-Time Trader   I want to tell you a little about my own story.  Today I get[...]
How to Trade The News Without Even Knowing The News!
I made this short video to show you a real live example of a trade I made on EURUSD.  I[...]

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